No comments

November 3, 2010

I enjoy having feedback and dialogue as a spinoff from my posts; I do like communicating with people, and exploring points of view other than my own.

However, I find that lately, comments on my blog are down drastically. I thought that probably no one reads the blog any more…so just now, I checked the stats (alas, I rarely do it.)

Yesterday, the blog had 242 unique visitors….and out of them all….ONE person commented.

What is it that keeps people from commenting? Perhaps, a lack of interest in the topic. Perhaps, a dissension with the views expressed…but that is precisely when I do want feedback and a response….a point of view that opens my eyes to a fresh perspective. Perhaps, a disinclination to type out a response. Perhaps, no inclination to engage in a dialogue or even mark one’s visit.

Almost invariably, I tend to comment when I read someone’s blog. I read it, I have some thoughts on it…and I set them down. Sometimes it leads to a very lively exchange of views…a debate…or even an argument. Sometimes it is agreement. Sometimes the thread drifts, and we talk about something else entirely. It’s a very enjoyable process to me

So…I find it hard to understand not commenting…but I guess I have to accept that only one-two-hundred-and-forty-secondth (!) of my readers feels engaged enough to comment on what I write!