Very hectic weekend...

November 2, 2010

This was a long weekend for most people because of Rajyotsava (State Founding) Day…and even by my standards, it was a hectic weekend! But I was surrounded by friends…what more can one wish for!

Saturday morning, the Ragihalli sheet rock area and then Ragihalli pond, with Vittal, his friends Jacob and Sandeep, and Jayashree. The Bhatias, Naveen, Shalini, and Gautam (4 yrs) happened to come there, and they joined us for the birding.

Saturday afternoon, off to Basic Halli with Ashwini,Kiran,KM,Vineet, and Vittal; a lovely time at the place, with several stalwart birders already having done the major part of the bird survey. An evening of great fun and friendship, with a lot of leg-pulling!

Sunday…an early but leisurely walk up Bilkan Rangana Betta, enjoying the stunning scenery, with thatte idli/vade breakfast on the hillside; a nap while intellectual conversations raged around me; a traditional “raagi mudde” lunch, with some superb raptor sightings just as we left.

A slow drive back to Bangalore, with a coffee session with Priya and Karthik, and Geetanjali, Subir and Avantika joining in….a little while spent watching “Kudiyaattam” at Ranga Shankara.

Monday, a lovely morning birding trip with Krupa and Priya to Valley School; an afternoon spent visiting the ancient temple of Vasantha Vallabha Raaya, and then the Subramanya temple at Subramanyapura; lunch at Karthik and Priya’s place, with Karthik’s mom serving me excellent food until I felt like a fully-fed python!

In the evening, a short, but lovely birding trip with the Bhatias……to the Ragihalli area.

So…I have a lot of catching up to do…..but if you would like to see the Basic Halli pictures, do

click here

(though I’ll be posting some here, too.)

And…today is the birthday of ...let me give her a true birder's wish...hoppy birdie to you....and many hoppy returns!