Other creatures at Kabini....

October 25, 2010

We were lucky to sight a huge variety of creatures at Kabini…one of the most stunning being the


the largest butterfly in India….

s bdwng 191010

Here’s the beauty, at work amongst the flowers of the Morning Glory:

A DANAID EGGFLY posed for us.... danaid eggfly 181010 A MALABAR RAVEN did not pose, I had to keep running behind it and track it down! malabar raven 181010 Shreeram and I were lucky to see this BLUE MORMON at rest: bl mrmn 181010 Later, all of us saw several GRASS YELLOWS mating: grass ylw mtg 191010 For a little while, we watched this SPIDER WASP hard at work, beginning to make her nest in the ground, where she would later bring prey that she would stun and lay her eggs on, as I have documented here spider wasp 191010 And here's one example of what could be prey at one time, and predator (right now, deep in that hole in the tree trunk, it is sitting on several slugs which, presumably, it's going to be feeding on)....the YELLOW-THIGHED TARANTULA: yellow-thighed trntla 191010 Mammals included the lovely, lithe BLACK-FOOTED LANGUR: blk ftd lngr 191010 and WILD BOAR: wild boar 191010 some beautiful, orange MUSHROOMS caught our eye on safari: mushrms 191010 For most of the time I was there, I could see only half a LEOPARD: leopard 181010 But the TIGER that was saw, though clearly visible in the undergrowth, could not be photographed because of very low light...though Shreeram took a shot on his Canon 7D at ISO 6400....that my old 20D can never achieve! It was lovely to see the SILK COTTON bursting out of the pods of the Bombax trees: silk cotton 181010



provided a burst of colour:

fruiting body 191010

What a marvellous variety of things there are to see, in the wild!