Wonderful friends

October 23, 2010

Throughout the day, friends called up….some came over home to wish me in the little time I had at home…and their affection has touched me so deeply….I was moved to tears at one point when two of them walked into my home with a cake that had lighted candles on it!

bday cake geetanjali 231010

Here I am, cutting a cake like any 6 year-old instead of a 56-year old!


And here are some of the cake-conspirators, grinning gleefully after having sprung the surprise! That’s Pooh, Krups, Chandu and Geetanjali:

poonam krupakar chandu geetanjali 231010

Everyone seems to have literally and figuratively gone out of their way to meet me, wish me, and show their affection. What more can one ask of life?

I’ll be posting some pics shortly….but meanwhile…I want to give thanks for the wonderful friends I have….a treasure that no one can take away, for this treasure resides in my heart.

I look back (as I said to some one, I am 16 years and 600 months old today) and I seem to see a life filled with good people, good health, and happiness. How lucky I am!

I don’t seem to want to be nostalgic, because the present, to me, is as wonderful as the past. Have I become a better human being? I hope so…but I know there is a long way to go in that direction yet. I am not yet as good a person as I should be.

There have been very turbulent parts to today, too…but right now, I want to think about the good parts!