Birth...and death....

October 21, 2010

I came back from Kabini and learnt that my friends had a baby girl…and this morning, two neighbours of mine (two brothers who occupy flats on the same floor) had to decide that their ailing father, who was past 85, was now solely dependent on life support, that his life was not worth prolonging, and had to decide to “pull the plug”.

Life and death have been on my mind all day. Amorphous thoughts, that are not very articulate; I suspect that the slightly negative tenor of the thoughts are also due to the physical pain that I’m experiencing, as a result of a minor mishap at Kabini.

Does life have a reason or a purpose, or is life a purpose in itself? What awaits us beyond…is it a nothingness, or is there a cycle of births? Curiosity, as much as philosophical thought, consumes me. Both birth and death are such miracles….

What a pity that when I find out for myself, I will not be able to come back and blog about it! The thought makes me laugh, and dispels both the melancholy of my musing, and the pain of the injury.