Kabini Skies

October 20, 2010

The clouds over Kabini were so beautiful that sometimes I stopped looking at the birds or mammals or insects…and looked at them instead.

Sometimes, in the two days we spent in Kabini, the skies were blue: feathery cloud 191010 Sometimes, the "fingers of God" would shine through the clouds: fingers of god 191010 Sometimes, the clouds would start collecting.... bamboo sky 191010 and take on beautiful formations: white cloud 191010 The sunset painted them in glorious colours: red cloud east 191010 and the sky seemed on fire: bamboo thicket 191010 And the fire increased.... sunset flare 191010 before sinking down into the gathering darkness... kabini dusk 191010

I do love sunsets, and on the river, they are even more spectacular…

sunset ray 1910101