3rd Sunday bngbirds outing, from Ramakrishna Ashram, Shivanahalli, into Bannerghatta Forest 171010

October 17, 2010

Today’s outing was both more interesting, and longer-lasting, than I had anticipated. I’ve been to the Ramakrishna Ashram several times, and we’ve always just walked a little past the campus and come back. So today I was very surprised to be able to go for quite a longish trek up hill and down dale!

Here are a few of us, in the morning, with the Swamiji of the Ashram:

with swamiji shivanahalli 171010

Here we are, setting off in orderly way, in single file! single file 171010 It was nice to be able to meet after a very long time. I didn't know he'd come back to Bangalore and for the first few minutes was thinkng if it WAS him or someone who looked like him! It was great to be with him and Ulhas, and their group, because they look at all creatures, great and small, AND trees and plants, as well. I am indebted to them for showing me the SUNDEW PLANT but apart from that, we sighted many birds, including several SMALL MINIVETS: small minivet 171010 (Ulhas will be putting up the birds,butteflies,mammals and others list, I'm afraid I was lazy about it today!) Small things that we saw included this pupal case of a dragonfly: pupal case of dragonfly 171010 Several more of those "float-down-on-a-single-thread-of-silk" moth caterpillars, that I had seen near the Zoo area: Photobucket This gorgeous and un id nymph of a bug on a outcrop: un id bug 171010 A LYNX SPIDER was enjoying breakfast: lynx spider with prey 171010 So was a dragonfly, a WANDERING GLIDER: dragonfly with prey 171010 There were a few brilliantly coloured bugs in the rock pools: unid bug in rock pool 171010 Here's Siddappa, our guide, who remained fresh as the proverbial daisy at the end of the outing! siddappa our guide 171010 Harsha told me that the AGAVE is the tallest infloresence: agave tallest 171010 I got this young woman beginning the "kOlam" for the Dashami festival: making the kOlam 171010 Climbing up the rock was not easy in the hot sun, but we were rewarded with the beauty of the rock pools once we'd climbed up: rock pool 171010 And...here's a 360 degree view from the top of the sheet rock near the Shivanahalli ashram (I think this is Ragihalli Betta) What natural beauty I have, half an hour from my home! And of course, from the top we could see some larger creatures....here's a TUSKER: tusker 171010 which we were trying to photograph: photographing elephants Quite tired, but very satisfied with all that we'd seen, we came back to the Ashram to have "uppittu", with chutney, and coffee: uppittu, chatni,coffee 171010 The Ashram people are always so hospitable! </lj-cut> Let me close with this DANAID EGGFLY which posed for us: danaid eggfly 171010 A wonderful outing, though it took far longer than I'd planned on! For more pictures, click here Off to Kabini very early tomorrow...back on Wednesday, with more memories, hopefully!