Hessarghatta, 091010

October 14, 2010

The BULBs outing last Sunday was enjoyable….

Here we are, at Hessarghatta, tucking into some pre-breakfast breakfast:

hsgta group 101010

Breakfast after this, included Neer Dosa, pathrOde, and lots of other delicious things! Here are some of us, with our cameras: garima vishwas dhanesh chandu jainy 101010 One more... guru timmapur 101010 While there were several raptors sighted, they were not really photographable (at least, by me.)So, here, instead is this beautiful SILVERBILL: silverbill 101010 A JERDON'S BUSHLARK (thank you, Guru)on top of a tree: jerdon's bushlark 101010 The only raptor I got on my MLC was this KESTREL: kestrel on thorns hgta 101010 nearby sat a BAY-BACKED SHRIKE showing its bandit mask: bay-backed shrike 101010 and I got a COMMON STONECHAT too: siberian stonechat 101010 Everywhere, there were ASHY-CROWNED SPARROW LARKS on the path. ashy-crowned sparrow larks 101010 Some of them were "rufous-crowned" because of the muddy area! I loved the sight of these radiating arcs of BAYA WEAVERS' nests: weavers' nests 101010 Some DRONGOS were silhouetted against the cloudy sky, too: drongos 101010 some EGRETS flew across in formation: egrets in flight 101010 hgta I got an SMS of a WHITE-BROWED BULBUL with a grasshopper in its mouth: white-browed bulbul with prey 101010 then sighted a PADDYFIELD PIPIT: paddyfield pipit 101010 of course, the PIED BUSHCHATS liked to pose! pied bushchat 101010 I got both the male GROUND SKIMMER (thank you, Uma!) ground skimmer 101010 and the female: ground skimmer female 101010 Here's a FROG (Fejavarya sp) fejavarya sp frog 101010 another, which Sesh tells me is an ORNATE NARROW-MOUTHED FROG (Microhyla ornata) Microhyla ornata- Ornate narrow mouthed frog101010 these MUSHROOMS looked like flowers: mushrooms 101010 and Rajneesh pointed out these orange ones: orange mushrooms 101010 even a very tiny WILDFLOWER looked so beautiful! un id wildflower (tiny) as did the small IPOEMEIA flowers: un id ipoemia Of course, I loved documenting the JEWEL BUG and was careful not to get this "ITCHY POOCHI" (I don't know what it's called in English, we call it "kambLi poochi" in Tamizh...contact with it causes intense itching) kambLi poochi 101010 there were millions of these tiny MOTHS: un id tiny moth 101010 A COMMON FOUR-RING: common 5 ring 101010 this one is a SLATE FLASH (what a lovely name!) slate flash  101010 I enjoyed the camouflage of this GRASSHOPPER: grasshopper 101010

I left it to those with the high-end cameras and the large lenses to get the raptor photos; but I was able to get a reasonable photograph of the beautiful Kestrel….

kestrel profile 101010

But…going to Hessarghatta takes up FAR too much driving time, I feel!