Sighting of the Day....Shieldtail

October 13, 2010


had introduced me to her friend Soma Jha from Kolkata and I took her and her friend Baljeet to the Bannerghatta Zoo area (my usual haunt!)…and amongst other interesting stuff, we suddenly sighted what we, at first sight, thought was an earthworm:

shieldtail Plectrurus_perrotetii 131010

But then, I quickly realized it was not an earthworm (it was much larger) , but we kept wondering what it could be. I came home and thought that perhaps I’d seen a

Common Worm Snake

..but then,


id’d it for me as a

Shieldtail endangered species of snake!


this further update

from Shantanu Bhattacharya on INW.

So…that was this morning’s thrill….and I am glad, meanwhile, that Soma got a couple of “lifer” sightings with me…more about that later!