Flowers as a business....

October 7, 2010

We stopped on the way to Bandipur to buy flowers for the Forest Officers, and I got these photographs. I think the there is a real contrast between the hard-headed business sense that’s required to survive in a small business, and the light touch required to handle flowers to make garlands and bouquets out of them….

flower shop nanjangud 061010

The finished garlands are hung up…and on the dusty road they give a splash of colour and a whiff of heady perfume:

garland 061010

Next to the shop, in careless fashion, a sack full of marigolds lies, scattering bits of gold on to the road:

marigolds 061010

Flowers, no matter how commercial the setting in which one sees them…are beautiful. But I could not help a very negative thought…the sight of these flowers for sale, thrown on the ground, reminds me of young women, who, due to various imperatives, must also sell themselves, their youth and fragrance, upon the streets….