Illness..and the reaction to the news

October 5, 2010

D has been ill for a few days, and yesterday, when he went to the doctor with a rash in addition to his cough, cold and fever, one of the doctors felt that he could hear a murmur in the mitral valve, and so admitted D to the hospital to rule out a bacterial infection of the mitral valve (I have not heard of such bacterial infections in the heart before…but live and learn.) A is juggling the hospital, her work and KTB’s day care..and they are awaiting the results of various tests.

On hearing this rather disquieting news, did I feel like praying to God for good test results? Did I feel like re-visiting

the Swamiji

and telling him about this potential problem? Did I feel like promising to break X number of coconuts in front of Y God’s shrine if there was good news? No. Yes, I did meditate, and pray, calmly for a while, to get back my calmnesss…and perhaps, the strength to face a possible not-great result. I shared the news with a couple of friends who instantly gave me emotional support and made me feel better.

I am concerned, because health is something that is really out of our control….and I do wish at times like these that we did not live SO far from A, D and KTB….but then, there is nothing to be done by worrying, so I’ll be calm and await more news.