Cycling list update...

October 2, 2010


guy who wants a cycle

is still looking for one.

Several of us wrote appreciating his wit, but no one has offered him a this was the second email from him:

“once again hi all,

lovely that you all found it amusing, but must kindly reiterate–the original offer is not a joke people (my $$$ probably looks like it though).

still looking for that elusive specific mtb,maybe must broaden my horizon (include more bikes maybe?…don’t wantto,more so, can’t afford to…(more sad faces)

so all ye faithful tight chuddi wearers (yes, I have issues with these tights,I would rather be a bit slower than look like a human condom… no seriously I need to also get a pair of those tights, maybe some one will throw it in with the bike…. I guess that was too much (bangs head on table) anyway please spread the word!

A homely convent educated, not quite wheatish complexioned, god fearing( yes i am afraid of my imaginary friend) youth wants your mountain bike, to love and treat respectfully in which ever customs it is accustomed to… i.e, if Hindu i will break a coconut monthly, if Muslim will point it eastwards at night, if Christian will throw water on it sometimes, any and all others are welcome with brief description.

I might even wake up early to ride it ( the last time I saw the sun rise was NEVER).

so take care and help find me a bike…”

I’m looking forward to more emails from him!