Bandipur...the scenery

September 24, 2010

Here are a few views of what I enjoyed…this one’s for !

The sky was bright blue late in the afternoon:

sky and clouds 220910

Thandala male was reflected in the calm lake:

reflection of thandalamala 210910

The monsoon clouds reared themselves up over the landscape: monsoon clouds 220910 monsoon clouds 210910 clouds and path 210910 Then some of the clouds wreathed themselves as a mantle over the hills: clouds on the hill 220910 In the evening, the sun sank behind the clouds: clouds and sunset The light took on colours: sky and path 210910 ...and faded gently: evening star mountain clouds 220910 the moon appeared, almost full: bandipur moon 210910 dancing amongst the trees: 210910 moon soon, it started taking over from the pinks and the reds: moon and sky Here's the evening star: evening star

The sun and clouds combine to give such stunning effects!

sunset effect 210910