Bears, and others at Daroji/Hampi

September 17, 2010

The Sloth Bears, of course, are the stars of the Daroji Bear Sanctuary….

bear on rock 100910

There were five bears, altogether, but it was nice to watch this mother and child (remember that's my favourite thing to watch!) twobears 100910 Here is what I call the Rock Theatre at the Daroji viewing point; you can see the bears, the mongoose, the spurfowl, the doves, the francolins.... And in this video, you can see the typical habitat of the area...and the peacock, too: At least two mongooses (mongeese?) wandered in and out of the rock "stage": ruddy mongoose 100910 the next day, at one of the temples, I found this turtle in the well: turtle in temple well 110910 At several places, we also saw these langurs: langur 110910 Of course, some of the most interesting mammals were the ones I went are three of them, intent on photographing the Yellow-throated Bulbul: You can see what dedicated birders we are :)

I’m afraid I’ve been a bit of a turtle, myself, about making this post…

turtle closeup 110910

For the scenery of Daroji/Hampi, see my Picasa web album