Lalbagh with the Amstutzes,160910

September 16, 2010

It was lovely to meet the Amstutzes this morning, and have a look around my favourite park….

Here’s Lupin, named after a flower herself, with another flower, the Zinnia:

Lupin and Zinnia 160910

Here are the girls, watching the antics of the squirrels: 3 Amstutzes 160910 here's one of those squirrels! squirrel lalbagh 160910 While Lupin admired the flowers (she never made the least attempt to pick one!), Karen spotted this "blue bee": blue bee labagh 160910 Here it is, buzzing: The children had a wonderful time...or should I say, a swinging time, on the liana vines: climibing on the liana 160910 and And finally, they ALL climbed up on the vines for this family portrait! Karen, Paul Eliza, Sylvie, Lupin Amstutz 160910

I loved the colours of Colville’s Glory:

colville's glory lalbagh 160910

I’m looking forward to going with them to Bannerghatta forest area on the 3rd Sunday birding trail, coming up on the 19th…