Good morning

September 16, 2010

Of course it’s a good morning…I am off to Lalbagh with

Karen, Paul, Eliza, Sylive, and Lupin Amstutz

just now!

Meanwhile…when I call St.Louis, Vonage does a transcription of the voice mail messages I leave.

The message I left this time was, “Hello, I’ve got a cheque from ABC Bearings, where do you want me to deposit it? I don’t want it to be sitting around for too long. I am going to sleep now and am meeting somebody at Lal Bagh. OK, bye.”

The transcription was, “Hi Joel, I have received a check from ABC Betty that you wanted me to deposit it. I don’t want you to be sitting around for too long. I’m still and have somebody to love bug. Okay. Bye “

So, I am off to Love Bug now, for a very good morning!