The Birds of Daroji

September 15, 2010

Yes, Daroji is a sanctuary for Sloth Bears, but we did get to see quite a variety of birds, and while I upload the other pics, here are the various birds that got into my camera lens….

From A to W: The RED AVADAVAT: birds Here are two of them, in the fields: The BLUE-TAILED BEE-EATERS: blue-tailed bee-eaters 100910 the ORIENTAL HONEY BUZZARD: ohb another view of it, flying so majestically: ohb 120910 this PIED CUCKOO was being attacked by a RED-VENTED BULBUL: pied cuckoo and red v bulbul 110910 Aerial war resulted! aerial combat 110910 an EURASIAN COLLARED DOVE, posing so "composedly"! eurasian collared dove 110910 daroji a SPOT-BILLED DUCK, far away on the lake: spot-tailed duck 100910 a BONNELLI'S EAGLE, sitting far away: bonnelli's eagle 100910 some GREY FRANCOLINS: grey francolins daroji 120910 a COMMON HOOPOE: hoopoe 100910 a COMMON IORA: common iora 120910 hampi a PIED KINGFISHER, with its shrimp breakfast: pied kingfisher with catch 110910 a SMALL BLUE KINGFISHER, waiting patiently: small blue kingfisher daroji 120910 a WHITE-BREASTED KINGFISHER: white breasted kf 110910 Here it is, fishing: kingfisher fishing 110910 an ASHY-CROWNED SPARROW LARK male birds and a female: ashy crowned sparrow lark female 100910 a RUFOUS-TAILED LARK: daroji rufous tailed lark 100910 a RED-WATTLED LAPWING: red wattled lapwing 100910 the ROCK EAGLE OWL: rock eagle owl 100910 some ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS: birds a female, posing proudly: birds several PEACOCKS: peacock 100910 peacock 100910 a CHESTNUT-SHOULDERED PETRONIA which was a lifer for me: chestnut-shouldered petronia 120910 some BLUE ROCK PIGEONS (I've always seen them in apartment buildings...for the first time, I saw the birds on the rocks that they are named after!) birds a PLAIN PRINIA: plain prinia 100910 a cute pair of JUNGLE BUSH QUAIL, scooting around busily: jungle bush quail 100910 a BARRED BUTTON QUAIL: birds here's a couple: barred button quail couple 110910 a COMMON SANDPIPER, on the banks of the Tungabhadra high-level canal, that is a lifeline in Daroji: common sandpiper daroji 100910 a BAY-BACKED SHRIKE, posing with its bandit-mask: bay-backed shrike 120910 a procession of PAINTED SPURFOWL: painted spurfowl daroji 100910 the PURPLE-RUMPED SUNBIRD, such a tiny little prismatic jewel: purple-rumped sunbird 120910

I’ll close with the


male, on the nest:

baya weaver on nest 120910

The bird list came up to 66 species, but….only so many photographs!