Feathers, and colours...

September 14, 2010

Everywhere, in the Daroji Bear Sanctuary, peacocks were strutting about in full breeding plumage, and they were dropping their feathers here and there, too:

peacock feather on rock 120910

Virupaksha, our naturalist/guide at JLR, collected some of them into a bouquet of vibrant colour:

peacock feathers 100910

Nearby, I also found a brown, drab feather, probably from one of the raptors that soar above the area:

raptor feather 120910

I mused on the thought that the peacock with its incredibly colourful feathers had such a harsh voice, and the Koel, with its black plumage, had a sweet one….”kuyil”, and “mayil” (in Tamizh) were given colours in their voices and their plumage, respectively!