Farmhouse in Hosur....

September 14, 2010

I went with

Sandeep Chakrabarti

to visit the farmhouse and the camping shed he and Joy are getting ready in the Hosur area…..

Here’s the farmhouse, which is now in the finishing stages:

<a href=”

/?action=view&current=IMG_1737.jpg” target=”_blank”>sandeep's farmhouse 080910</a>

I sighted several birds, amongst them, this RUFOUS TREEPIE feasting on its catch: rufous treepie 080910 hosur and this RED-VENTED BULBUL one of many in the trees around: red-vented bulbul 080910 The butterflies were there in plenty: here's the COMMON FOUR-RING: common four ring 080910 A PLAIN TIGER: plain tiger on flower 080910 a PALE GRASS BLUE with its wings open, pale grass blue male open 080910 and closed: pale grass blue 080910 this COMMON CROW isn't a bird: common crow 080910 I found these COMMON GULLS mating: common gulls mating 080910 this weird version of the EMIGRANT looked quite different! weird emigrant hosur 080910 Several reptiles and amphibians were sighted too; here is the PENINSULAR ROCK AGAMA rock agama 080910 in full breeding colours. there were several TADPOLES in the pond: tadpoles in pond 080910 A stray dog was feasting on the skeleton of a snake: dog eating snake skeleton 080910 alas, another beautiful mammal, this FLYING FOX had been electrocuted by the power line: dead flying fox 080910 It was obvious that several of them used the trees nearby to roost. My sightings of insects included this WOLF SPIDER deep in its funnel-shaped web: wolf spider nest hosur 080910 Several feathers at the mouth of this ANTS' NEST told a tale of a dead bird carried inside for food: feathers at ants' nest 080910 SOCIAL SPIDERS had started their construction, too! social spider nest 080910 Several plants were very interesting, too: un id seed pod hosur 080910 un id wildflower 080910 The scenery as I walked around was lovely: scenery at house area 080910 And here is Joy, pointing out interesting things in the seasonal stream nearby: joy at her farmhouse 080910

I do hope you enjoyed the visit to Sandeep and Joy’s rural home!

yellow flower hosur 080910

they are also preparing a camping area and a dormitory that wildlife enthusiasts who want to explore the area can use; there is power and water, and once it’s ready, it will be a good place for families to take their children for a short, yet interesting nature trail.