nAgE gowdana pAlyA

September 9, 2010

…I bet very few of my birding friends know that that’s the area where Valley School is!

nAgE gowdana palyA 040910

It started with Chandu and me thinking of going birding, and the group wound up being 11 strong: Chandu Deepak Girish Goldy Prisha Rohit Saandip Sumana Vinay Vishwas ...and YT. The morning started with a GREATER COUCAL standing on top of a ruined wall, rather than its normal skulking in the bushes: coucal 040910 vs An ASHY PRINIA sang us a morning welcome: ashy prinia 040910 We saw this PURPLE-RUMPED SUNBIRD female, gathering nectar: purple-rmpd snbd female 040910 and later, were privileged to watch a Sunbird mother at her nest.... from far enough away that she was not disturbed: purple-rumped sunbird nest 040910vs Against the rainy sky, this SMALL MINIVET made a minivet silhouette! small minivet 040910 One bird which we saw in the distance and could not id properly was what we finally felt to be the INDIAN CUCKOO: indian cuckoo? 040910 Amongst the many butterflies we saw was this COMMON SILVERLINE: common silverline 040910 vs and this COMMON PIERROT common pierrot 040910 vs the COMMON CERULEAN a tiny butterfly: common cerulen 040910 the COMMON JEZEBEL: common jezebel vs040910 the COMMON LIME: common lime 040910 the COMMON BUSH BROWN: common bush brown 040910 vs Rohit spotted a THREE-RING GRASS YELLOW suddenly caught in a spider's web: butterfly caught in web 040910 and I watched the spider come out and sting the hapless creature: spider stinging bfly vs 040910 A RICE SWIFT sat on the leaflets as tiny as itself: rice swift vs 040910 a beautiful dragonfly that Uma had earlier id'd for me, was the COMMON PICTUREWING: valley school common picture wing female What we saw was wonderful...but certainly not rare; just look at the adjective attached to almost every butterfly id above! LUF (Life Under Foot) was also aplenty, because of the rains. These AFRICAN SNAILS, which have now become serious pests, made a conical collection: african snails 040910 A SLUG made its way (sluggishly, of course!) across the path: slug 040910 On a leaf, a CRICKET was possibly musing about football: cricket 040910vs The raindrops made jewels on this spider's web: rain on cobweb 040910 vs some insect made beautiful patterns on a single leaf: insect pattern 040910 I dubbed this pic "Ant ...and Uncle": ant and uncle vs 040910 This JEWEL BUG (genus Chrysocoris and Family Scutelleridae..thank you, Karthik!) was truly a jewel upon the leaf: jewel bug 040910 and this MILLIPEDE turned itself into a spiral of self-defence: millipede spiral 040910 vs This SEED POD is also so lovely: Photobucket A picture of something I didn't like very much...too many cars (of just our group) parked...we should have done a better job of maximising the transportation! Photobucket You want better pictures? here are Deepak's photos here are Girish's photos here are Rohit's photos here are Saandip's photos here are Vinay's photos Now you know why I am happy with SMS...I have all these great shots whenever I want to see them!

However, the cutest bird I saw last Saturday was this lovely Cardinal, painted for Krupakar by his talented wife Poonam….what do ambitious cardinals think?

red cardinal tee 040910