Hectic and enjoyable weekend....

August 9, 2010

Having seen, and enjoyed, “Elling” at Ranga Shankara on Friday evening (I walked alone to Ranga Shankara, but was joined there by Priya and Janaki, who seemed to get along like a house on fire!), I struggled with a recalcitrant internet, lost my entire review, finally re-posted it….

here it is

and then went off with Chandu to the Naturalists’ Training Program happening at the Bannerghatta property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts.

After coming back out (the jeep normally takes me outside the gates before they close for the evening), Chandu and I decided that we’d do a bit more of birding before we left…and it was a good decision, because, as usual, birds of every sort gave their “darshan” to us! For Chandu, the sight of a Small Blue Kingfisher busy over the surface of the pond in the Zoo area made his day; we came home and then went to attend the QuizFamilies monthly quiz.

Having returned home and finally slept at nearly 2am, I was up again by 4am to cook something for the BULBs outing to Galibore…which did not last all day as earlier planned, due to it becoming rather muggy and hot…but for all that, it was a very enjoyable outing, especially as we drove home in pouring rain through the late afternoon, with Uma, Suma and I singing old Hindi songs that the men in the back seat had to put up with!

The entire morning, the internet connection has been playing truant, and I am just beginning the process of uploading the photos and video…so if I get to complete the process, I’ll share my weekend in more detail…

I realize that most of my photography and writing is on the net, so a net connection that doesn’t work wastes a lot of my time….grrrrr.