Domestic babies....

August 3, 2010

On both Saturday and Sunday, I wound up in the same area. On Saturday, Rohit and I explored from the Kaggalipura end of the road, and since we missed the turning that Chetu had told me about, we wound up back at the pond on the road about 5 km from the Bannerghatta junction.

However, on Sunday, we got to see some of the babies…the lady at the tea-stall, Krishnaveni, had introduced her little daughter Saranya to me the previous week…this time, she introduced her son Puneet, and Puneet, in his turn, introduced….

puppy and kitten (puneet)

It’s the kitten which he’s christened “Bowwow”! (I didn’t get to find out what the puppy was called.)

kitten called bowwow 010810

This post is, again, for because of the squee factor....

Uma made the tea-shop lady very happy by buying Parle-G biscuits from her and feeding them to the puppy! However, the rest of us got into the act for the second packet….