A morning in Bannerghatta, on the Kaggalipura Road

July 30, 2010

Last Saturday, none of the BULBs (or anyone else) was free, so Sangeetha and I decided to go to Bannerghatta…. this part of it:

bg forest signbd 230710

Here’s my guide and her trusty steed:

sk and scooter 230710

We bumped over the bumpy bits, rode over the smooth, and we just went 5 km from the Bannerghatta Circle (where the Police Station is)… and got such a wide variety of things to see and enjoy!

We started off with these mating


tortoiseshell beetles mating 230710

Now, all my pictures will be dark and difficult to see...because it was a cloudy, overcast morning, often having a fine drizzle. So...here are my SMS of ... the INDIAN BUSHLARK, singing: indian bushlark 230710 RED-RUMPED SWALLOWS, sitting companionably on the wire: red-rumped swallows 230710 a COMMON BABBLER(thanks, Rajneesh!) on the wire, too: plain prinia 230710 and a PALE-BILLED FLOWER-PECKER: pale-billed flowerpecker 230710 on the slopes, the PASSIFLORA bloomed: 230710 passiflora this plant, belonging to the MIMOSAE family, was in full bloom: un id plant flower in the rock pools, we found this lovely plant: pool plant bg 230710 We found this small temple, which I have dubbed the shrine of the 4-Tiger Goddess! 4-tiger goddess bg 230710 Near it, we found the MISTLETOE plant: mistletoe 230710 these PEEPUL and BANYAN trees had been "married" together according to religious custom: peepul and banyan 230710 Most of the action we saw, however, was at this small LILY POND: lily poind 230710 There was a colony of BAYA WEAVERS overhanging the pond... baya weaver 230710 It was an active colony; here's one Weaver...weaving! weaver weaving 230710 bg Suddenly, we noticed some SILVERBILLS silverbills at lily pond 230710 trying to muscle in on the colony, with nesting material! silverbill with nesting mtl 230710 silverbills at weavers' nest bg pond 230710 Here's some of the action: We savoured the beauty of the waterlilies: waterlilies bg 230710 and some of the other denizens, can you spot the frog? frog in lily pond 230710 bg On the bank sat a SMALL BLUE KINGFISHER: small blue kf 230710 On the way, we saw this majestic, huge BANYAN TREE: banyan tree 230710 and I would NEVER have been able to spot the SPOTTED OWLET deep inside it, unless Sangeetha had shown it to me! spotted owlet 230710 bg Just looking around was a wonderful experience. The sun shone weakly through the clouds, over the thorned gates of the forest area: cloudy sun 230710 We stopped to get some little thimblefuls of tea from a small shop, and the owner, who didn't want herself or her little daughter Saranya, photographed, told us about a kalyANi (well) that was close by, so both of us had a very pleasant walk to it...and found a temple to Bhavani there: bhavani temple kalyani bg 230710 Here's the sign: kalyani sign 230710 Several "pArijAthA" trees had been planted, and the flowers were strewn on the ground: pArijAthA flowers 230710 We found this un id fruit, somewhat like a guava: un id guava like fruit bg 230710 Sangeetha showed me this beautiful flower: star bg 230710 the nAg dEvtA (snake deities) stones looked lovely: nAga dEvtA stones 230710 as did the navagrahAs (nine planets): navagrahA kalyani bg 230710 We saw this extremely weird-looking insect (caterpillar? I don't know!) moving along the rock: weird caterpillar 230710 the SOCIAL SPIDERS had taken over this bush! social spider nest 230710 The highlights of the trip were the raptors that we saw...this beautiful (er, lousy shot, but exkoos pliss) BLACK EAGLE being mobbed by the Black Kites: bg black eagle mobbed by kites 230710 Here's a bigger SMS: black eagle 230710 We also sighted a SHORT-TOED SNAKE EAGLE: short-toed snake eagle bg 240710 and right at the beginning, we saw this BLACK-WINGED KITE doing its hovering act: The birdlist: Avadavat,Red Barbet, Coppersmith Barbet, White-cheeked Bushchat,Pied Bushlark, Indian Crow, House Crow,Large-billed Eagle,Black Eagle, Short-toed Snake Egret, Cattle Egret, Small Flowerpecker, Pale-billed Kingfisher,Small Blue Kingfisher, White-breasted Kite,Black Kite, Black-Winged Kite, Brahminy Lapwing, Red-wattled Munia, Scaly-breasted Owlet, Spotted Robin,Indian Robin,Oriental Magpie Roller, Indian Silverbills, Indian Sparrow, House Sunbird, Purple-rumped Sunbird, Purple Swallow, Barn Swallow,Red-rumped Weaver, Baya I'm sure I've left out some....Sangeetha will tell me after looking at the list.

Let me close with the image of this


(thanks for the correct id, Rajneesh)

(its secretions can make your skin feel as if it’s on fire, and raise a blister, so my macro work was very careful!)

fire beetle 230710

Just a short morning’s trip, but so packed with interesting things, that it felt very satisfactory, indeed! Thank you, Sangeetha, for introducing this part of the Bannerghatta Forest to me!