Kabini...the scenery...

July 29, 2010

This was the park we went to visit:

rajiv gandhi nat'l park 210710

but first we had to park ourselves here.... karnatakakabini 200710 here are the parkers! shreeram adarsh sandeep tharangini 200710 We enjoyed so many scenes on our way there and back; there was this beautifully-decorated scarecrow (even scarecrows need umbrellas in the rainy season!) scarecrow 200710 Children...are delightful to see everywhere...here are some scholars being sent off in the pursuit of education: off to school 200710 Others were pursuing their traditional occupations...see the farmer plouging the field through the palm trees!....this is the way agriculture has been for centuries! scenery with ploughing 200710 We have a saying in Tamizh about the farmer..."avan shEtthula kAla vekkalainnA...namma shOtthula kaiya vekka mudiyAthu"...if the farmer doesn't put his foot in the mud, we cannot put our hand in the cooked rice. We stopped at Kadambam in Chennapatna for breakfast, and nearby was a shop selling the toys that this town is famous for: chennapatna toys kadambam 200710 In Mysore, we stopped for tender coconut water...and this figure using a theodolite commanded the street corner: theodolite figure mysore 200710 We stopped here to see if we could sight Blue-tailed Bee-eaters...we didn't, but the canal was beautiful! canal near mysore 200710 I also loved the alert looks on these children of Kharapura: children of Kharapura 200710 Here and there, we saw machans constructed: machan 210710 The road leading up to the Nugu dam was also old and lovely... nugu dam road 210710 Women bearing loads of firewood made their way on the road: load bearing women 210710 The landscape, dotted with little temples, was lovely to see: scenery with temple 210710 We also decided to visit the Bandipur JLR on our way back: bandipur jlr 210710 And there were the Forest Dept jeeps, taking around tourists, as usual! bandipur forest dept 210710 The recently-constructed Bandipur Plaza seems to be brining "civilization" to Bandipur... bandipur plaza 210710 Some of the machans did have plastic sheets as protection against the rains: scenery with blue-plastic machan 210710

I asked permission to snap this shepherdess, tending to her goats and sheep:

shepherdess 210710