Kabini....insects, plants and others

July 29, 2010

Though I know hardly anything about butterflies, some did catch my eye and lens this time….a lifer for me was the


salmon arab 200710

The COMMON EMIGRANT is truly common, yet beautiful:' common emigrant 200710 I wonder why the PIONEER was named so! pioneer 200710 This GREY PANSY also looked at peace, settled on a leaf: grey pansy 200710 I saw two butterflies which Abhijna id's as SWIFTS: swift? 200710 This one, she says, might be a RICE SWIFT: swift? 200710 Even I knew the COMMON PIERROT: common pierrot 200710 and the ANGLED CASTOR: angled castor 210710 Abhijna also id'd the BUSH BROWN for me. bush brown 210710 And Karthik id'd this ORCHARD SPIDER: lynx spider? kabini 210710 This TREE GECKO looked pretty: gecko? 210710 as did this GRASSHOPPER: grasshopper 210710 a pretty MUSHROOM had, er, mushroomed overnight: mushroom kabini 210710 I could not get an id for this plant: un id fruit on plant 210710 ..but I know that this plant belongs to the family Begonacae: begonacae plant As usual, the GLORY LILY (Gloriosa superba) was blooming everywhere: gloriosa superba 200710 and I wanted to capture this SHANKA PUSHPI (flower in the shape of a conch) from which, medicines are made. shankha pushpi 200710

However, my closing image is of some strange, cobra-shaped formations at the base of this tree that we saw on safari:

the snake tree 200710

I now call it the “nAga marA” :) Could someone id it for me please?