Kabini....the birds

July 27, 2010

The birds we spotted in Kabini, on the way there, and on the way back, were numerous…

On the way out, we started with the beautiful sub-adult


sub adult male house sparrow 200710

nearby was the female: female house sparrow 200710 On safari, we saw many MALABAR PARAKEETS ...if you look closely, you can see the raindrops on this one! malabar parakeet with raindrops on head 210710 Photography was dificult because of the low light and the rain. If I had high standards like my fellow-photographs, all these photographs would have gone to the Recycle Bin, but me...I post here my SMS of the beautiful group of SMALL GREEN BEE-EATERS we found huddling together! bee-eater crowd 200710 We also saw this COMMON MYNAH which, through some mutation, was entirely bald... bald mynah 200710 It seemed to be thriving fine, though I dubbed it the Egyptian Vulture Mynah! We went hunting for Blue-tailed Bee-eaters...the hunt was unsuccessful, but we did find this little blue jewel, the SMALL BLUE KINGFISHER: small blue kingfisher 200710 However, we did wonder if it was a genetic mutation or some form of pollution which was responsible for this.... A lifer for me was this LARGE CUCKOO SHRIKE (thanks for the id, Shreeram!) large woodshrike 200710 ...it was nice to two birds posing together.... here are the WHITE-BELLIED DRONGO and the SCARLET MINIVET ...two birds in the camera ARE two birds in the bush, or on the branch! white-bellied drongo and scarlet minivet kabini Another Drongo was the spectacular-looking RACKET-TAILED DRONGO, racket-tailed drongo 210710 with its musical-note tail! An IMPERIAL GREEN PIGEON sat in the mist and rain: imperial green pigeon 210710 Sometimes, STREAK-THROATED WOODPECKERS are not all that common to see, but we saw quite a few.... common flameback kabini 210710 here's another one: common flameback kabini Another woodpecker we spotted was this YELLOW-FRONTED (or MAHRATTA) WOODPECKER: pygmy woodpecker 210710 We saw a few CHESTNUT-HEADED BEE-EATERS (I'm sure none of the others would consider this a shot worth posting, but I do!) chestnut tailed bee-eater 210710 kabini A picture of happy romance was this SPOTTED DOVE couple: spotted dove couple 210710 The raptors didn't disappoint, either. Through both days, we sighted a total of 12 CRESTED SERPENT EAGLES ...here's a juvenile (no doubt, a teenager that has been grounded by the parents for bad behaviour, that's why it looks like that on the tree!) juv crested serpent eagle 210710 here's an adult... crested serpent eagle 210710 The CRESTED (or CHANGEABLE) HAWK EAGLE also gave us a good sighting! crested hawk eagle kabini 210710 There were plenty of PEAFOWL in the forests, and here are a few: peacock short tail 200710 peacock 210710

The peacock being the national bird of India, is a colourful bird to close with!

peacock step 210710