Strange frame of mind....

July 12, 2010

I am, of course, missing the little miss quite intensely. In the rush of leaving for the airport, we could not find the cover of her feeding bottle…and when I suddenly found it a little while ago, the tears rushed unbidden to my eyes, and my arms ached..physically ached…to hold her little body, put her on my lap again, and drop fond kisses on those curls and that bright little face….

But rather surprisingly, I feel that I want to go back to St.Louis to be with her as before….can’t understand why I should feel this way, when Bangalore is so clearly home….

Attachment…it’s so inisidous, and so strong. I will never, ever, attain mOksha at this rate. How can I develop an emotional umbilical cord to my grand-daughter, that seems even stronger than the one to my own daughter?