Tripping over with happiness....

June 21, 2010

Just got the news…

Sangeetha Kadur

had earlier won a prize, and won a trip to

Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (or KMTR for short)

and this trip is now about to happen!

I am totally thrilled. Some years ago, when I first went to the

Bandipur property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts

with ,

and seen the wonderful murals executed on the walls of the cottages by three artists….Sangeetha Kadur, Sunita Dhairyam, and Shakti Prasad,

I promptly made Sai photograph them (I carried no camera in those days!) and wrote about it, in

the Deccan Herald


my blog


on Metblogs

Since then, I have followed Sangeetha’s work, and have always felt that she’s got outstanding talent…and have found her (and her mother) to be very friendly people, too!

So when I find that her talent is being recognized, and is taking her (literally) places….it makes me VERY happy…great going, Suvi, and may more laurels come your way…I hope to be able to say, proudly, “I knew Sangeetha Kadur even in those old days!”

Suvi, may the next prize take you to…Yosemite…or the Masai Mara…