Delightful Denizens of Shaw Nature Reserve.....

June 3, 2010

In the very short time I had at the Reserve (I hardly walked about half a mile from Bascom House!), I snapped these….

Some of the wildflowers: white wildflower red tiny ball-like flowers yellow flower red star-shaped flowers un id bluish wildlowers I got this single-feelered insect on a rain-washed leaf: un id insect 310510 A silhouette of this Dragonfly: dragonfly 020610 and this Monarch butterfly, which is ubiquitous: monarch fp 020610 The common birds were everywhere, too; here's the NORTHERN CARDINAL: cardinal 310510 A BARN SWALLOW preening itself: barn swallow as the rain began, I spotted this EASTERN PHOEBE: eastern phoebe 310510 On a mulch-bed, this BLUE JAY was hopping around, with its incredible feathers! blue jay 310510 I saw several CHIPPING SPARROWS chipping sparrow and got this one taking a lovely bath just after the rain! This HOUSE WREN sat on a stump, carolina wren on stump And then shook its tail to dry it: carolina wren 310510 Incredible, but I actually got this EASTERN BLUEBIRD as a bolt of lightning lighted up the sky; the colours, as a result, are a little washed out, but it's still a beautiful bird! eastern bluebird There were several Bluebird babies around, too.... juv eastern bluebirds 310510 I already posted about the RED-SHOULDERED HAWK and the TURKEY VULTURE that made my day, and about the the scenic beauty that made even such a short trip worthwhile...

Baby Bluebirds have got to the most delightful subjects to photograph…they look as if they stepped out straight from a sentimental greeting card!

baby eastern bluebird 310510

Didn’t spend enough time to see any mammals, apart from the usual squirrels!