One Vegetable Ive not taken to...

May 25, 2010

I’ve never eaten


artichoke 200510

before, so when D bought some, I wanted to try them out. He cooked them in the pressure cooker and we had them with some sour cream sauce.

I must say, the vegetable looks aesthetically so pleasing…it’s like a green lotus! But as I was taught how to eat it…pull off the leaves one by one, eat the lower, fleshy parts, setting them aside, and then finally coming to the heart set in a thicket of spines…I was far less enchanted.

artichoke heart 200510

I feel eating an artichoke is a lot of work to get very little of actual stuff to eat, and those spines could get into your gum, too….

Reminds me of the

Custard Apple or Seetaphal, which, to me, also represents a lot of work to get at a little bit of snot-like substance that I don’t like the taste of, anyway!

If someone reading this does like artichokes or custard apples…tell me how you eat them!