More living things....

May 25, 2010

After photographing the RED-TAILED HAWKS’ nest, I walked back, trying to decide where to have my picnic lunch, which, in the heat and humidity, , had started weighing heavily on my shoulder….but as I walked, I stopped thinking about it, for this lovely yellow water lily greeted me:

yellow lily fp 230510

I had, earlier, spotted this WOOD DUCK mother, shepherding her brood on the water: wood duck mom and babies 150510 Then this CHIPPING SPARROW in the clover: chipping sparrow fp 130510 chipping sparrow fp 150510 One not-very-common sighting was this CAPE MAY WARBLER which Danny Brown and his friend Mark Haas both id'd for me: Cape May Warbler fp 150510 this CEDAR WAXWING was too high up in the tree to get a good shot: cedar waxwing 150510 so was this RED-HEADED WOODPECKER: red hdd wpecker 150510 the EASTERN KINGBIRD was flying near the river reeds: eastern kingbird fp 130510 The squirrels all seemed to have fresh new tails! squirrels with new tails 130510 the Sycamore seeds looked plump and pretty! sycamore seed 130510 even the Dandelion, that commonest of weeds, looked lovely: dandelion fp 130510 I think these are BLUEBELLS (Thanks, , for the correct Cow Vetch id!) but I am not sure: bluebells cc lake 220510 an unknown caterpillar had pupated, getting ready to issue forth as a butterrfly: caterpillar pupa? 130510 and a Mushroom had...well...mushroomed: could tell me if it was an edible one! I walked past this bush, which seems like HOLLY to me, but surely holly puts forth berries only during Christmas time? holly? 230510 As I crossed one part of Des Peres creek, I found a GREEN HERON and a WESTERN PAINTED TURTLE next to each other: turtle and heron 230510 Then the heron decided to give the turtle a wide berth: turtle 230510 I got the turtle in the water, turtle fp 230510 and the heron near it : green heron fp 230510 I decided I was quite hungry, and decided to stop at the Muny and have my lunch. As I took out my sandwich, I looked up and at the tops of the columns, the BARN SWALLOWS were making their nests: barn swallow muny It seemed it was a day of seeing parents and their homes! barn swallow nest 230510 I normally take "beelines" across the Park, heading in a straight line as far as possible. My return took me across the hot concrete parking lot of the Muny, and I was cursing myself for walking along that...but at the back of the Muny, I had a totally unexpected treat. Something larger-than-a-bee whizzed past me...and yes! It WAS a RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD (not hard to id, as this is the only Hummingbird in Missouri!), sipping nectar from the Pink Honeysuckle: rthbird 2 230510 Out of that flower, and aiming for the next one! ruby-throated hummingbird muny 230510 </lj-cut> Here, you can see the ruby throat of the bird's name: rth bird 3 muny I really had to whip the camera into these three shots as in a flash the bird disappeared! Sunset found me very satisfied with my long, solitary ramble in Forest Park! sunset 210510