Red-Tailed Hawk Home and Children

May 24, 2010

I went to photograph the Red-tailed Hawk nest that

Mark Glenshaw

told me about, but forgot the location he had told me, so I went up to

Chris Gerli

and he helpfully marked the nest location on a map of Forest Park, and sent me on my way.

Though it was quite hot, I enjoyed the walk, and I located the nest high above in a deciduous tree near the Muny. Here’s the scene:

nest and adulton rhs tree 230510

The nest is to the left, and one of the parents is sitting on the tree to the right:

red tailed hawk 230510 fp

I walked as close as I dared (the tree is on a golf course, so there are people around all the time, but still...), and aimed my camera up to get both parents in the nest: nest with adults 230510 Then, to my delight, I spotted one of the nestlings: closeup of nestling 230510 fp And it peeped out at me! nestling peeping out fp 230510

Very happy with the sighting, I walked home in the humid heat…but Forest Park had a few more delights awaiting me yet! But for these Hawks…thank you, Mark and Chris!

Here’s Chris, in front of his cycle rental van:

chris gerli cycle rentals 230510

Next up, the Western Painted Turtle, the Green Heron, and the Ruby-throated Hummingbird….