May 15, 2010

Taking pictures is a popular pastime, as never before, after the advent of digital photography. It’s now so easy to take pictures, and the results can be seen instantaneously, too.

You find a good perspective and pose your subjects…and while you snap them from in front, someone else photographs them from behind!

posing for photos la jolla 090510

Sometimes you take turns with the camera; first one... DnA 090510 and then the other..... how to take a photo DnA 080510 Sometimes you do it for a living, and record videos while your subjects pose... taking a video solidad 080510 You Could have a shoe- View, Too.... pedipeds on plane 080510 You need not photograph the people, sometimes their shadows are interesting, too! shadows la jolla You cannot resist it when the "fingers of God" peep through the clouds at sunset. You take sunset snaps with palm trees... sunset with palm 090510 and without them.... sunset la jolla 090510

Instead of just the evening light, you’d want to capture people silhouetted against it, too….

evening people 080510

But I must add the comment of one of the ladies who attended 's photography workshop...."Oh! You mean, for digital photography, you require a computer, too?!" I hope she did, ultimately, buy the camera as well as a computer!