Biddlys Birthday

April 29, 2010

Can you imagine, it was just yesterday that

GD alias Eli alias The Biddles


arrived....and a year has gone past! Here she is, decked up in a new pAvAdai for a visit to the temple: biddles sitting 280410 She relaxes with the ceiling-hung Rajasthani toy that allows me to change her nappies without too much of a fuss.... biddles 280410 Her proud Dad holds her.. (look at the smile on his face!) father n daughter 280410 And she sleeps, in her Mayawrap (a sling carrier which is still very useful!), making a delightful picture... biddles in maya wrap 240410 And...she looks at, and listens to, the e-card that her Nana and Granddad from Maine have sent her: And here, by the request of the mother, are the family'! DnAnK shoes 280410