Powder Valley

April 28, 2010

Last weekend, we went to the Powder Valley Conservation Center….

powder valley 210410

The one piece of dramatic action was something I didn’t get on camera, but more of that later. There were plenty of leaves that made lovely patterns:

leaves silhouette 210410

At the Center itself, we saw two RATTLESNAKES on display. One was the OSAGE COPPERHEAD: osage copperhead venomous 210410 The other one was a MISSOURI RATTLESNAKE: missouri rattlesnake 210410 Here's that deadly-sounding rattle: rattle 210410 Right after this, in the leaf-clutter outside the Center, a rattlesnake came slithering towards the nest of a wren, and the wren started fighting the snake fearlessly! The fight only ended when one of the Center employees saw what was happening, and slowly headed the snake away into the leaf litter. For that day, at least, the wren's eggs were safe! Alas, I never got this riveting drama...another chance to become a NatGeo videographer gone! However, in the Center itself, there were several interesting exhibits, including this one where the visitor could, quite literally, look through a fish-eye lens! (or two of them!) looking through fish face 210410 Here's the trail we took, but with KTB to feed, and push, we really didn't do much at all. trail 210410 Here's the happy family on a bridge: DnAnK on the bridge 
210410 Most of the time, my camera was not in use, but I did get this cute-looking TUFTED TITMOUSE: tufted titmouse 210410 And a couple of GOLDFINCHES: goldfinch 210410 golfinch male 210410 I was fortunate to see this BEAVER: beaver 210410 and a SKUNK (Thanks, Dakini and Pelar Rani... it wasn't putting out The Smell or I'd have id'd it properly): badger 210410 This tree-trunk had a lovely "X" design! trunk x-design 210410 And I liked this web of some kind of ORB SPIDER: spider web 210410 Several common wildflowers made the path very pretty: lily like flowers 210410 The stream looked cool and inviting, but was probably too cold! stream powder valley 210410 Since it was a weekday getaway, we didn't spend much time there, but got back; but still, it was a lovely interlude...even the leaves of small plants, sometimes, had lovely shapes. pentagon leaves 210410