The Belly Dancers at Earth Day, Forest Park

April 26, 2010

A was a belly dancer for many years, and was very good at it, but finally, the pressures of work and approaching motherhood made her set aside this art form. However, this afternoon, when we went to the Earth Day festivities at Forest Park, we ran into several of her belly dancing friends, who said they were going to perform at the Pavilion….

main dancer 250410

I had forgotten what verve and grace belly dancers bring to the stage...and it was lovely recapturing it again! They twirled lightly... belly dancers twirling fp earth day 250410 and the lead dancer almost literally spread her wings: belly dancers fp 250410 Here they are, slowly building up tempo: and then they sway their hips (and bellies!) in the typical sinuous fashion: We had a lot of fun looking at various "green" products and initiatives, too, at Earth Day: st louis earth day 250410