Shes already got her four-wheelers...

April 17, 2010

Since she only had a couple of four-wheelers (strollers), she tried

asking her dad for the car keys

but that didn’t work…but now she does have a couple more four-wheelers!

Here’s one that chauffeur-driven:

mag tray 150410

And this self-driven one has a gear-shift stick and an aerial, too.

murali's car 160410

She may not be great at getting down the stairs (she can go up great!)…watch that toe gingerly feeling for the next lower stair:

biddly coming down 150410

and then sliding down:

biddly's pink pants! 150410

(what a perfect picture that pink bottom makes!)

but she’s good at driving not only these two four-wheelers above, but also she also hikes across the wildernesses of the bathroom once she’s on her potty! (I call it the Pee-Bus, and often, when I am downstairs in the morning before my “duty” starts, the scraping of the Pee-bus across the bathroom floor is my indication that she’s up and active!)

The “no” was to prevent her from going beyond the bathroom!