Shoots Buds and Leaves )

April 8, 2010

…with apologies to that famous book, it’s finally Spring, and the bare trees and bushes are bursting forth…just including the photographs that I could not resist taking, on my walks; I don’t know the id of most of these, and would appreciate help!

I found these beautiful flowers on a plant next to the dumpsters near the Farmers’ Market on the Loop:

pink flowers near farmers' market 030410

small red buds 020410 This one I know, it's the Japanese Maple (where the Housefinches sit): japanese maple fruit buds leaves 020410 Photobucket Just near the Farmers' Market on the Loop, I found this lovely combination of red, green and yellow: red green and blue 020410 A couple of buds told me, take a closeup as we swing in the wind! delmar buds 020410 Several other small trees are peppered with white, too: white flowers delmar This common weed on the footpaths is so pretty: weed leaves 040410 as are the flowers! wildflowers on lindell 030410 and: small violet weed enright 040410 This one, Chris Ferree of Forest Park Forever told me, is called "Spring Beauty"...apt name! spring beauty fp 030410 Lynne, one of the volunteers this time, told us about the "oak tow" which birds love to eat; here it is, along with the base of an acorn: oak tow and acorn base 030410 What beautiful buds these are.... buds are red 030410 and these... buds 010410 de baliviere The MAGNOLIA blossoms (not the grandiflora variety, which is different and blooms later in the year) look lovely! magnolia blossom 010410

The flowers on this tree lines large stretches of Delmar Boulevard:

trees on delmar loop 030410