Sssssuddenly, a Sssssnake in the Ssssstreet

April 5, 2010

We were driving back home, and had turned into our street when D braked suddenly, saying, “Oh, I hope I didn’t run over it!” …when he backed up, we found that he hadn’t.

snake enright 040410

Here it is, a little closer: snake enright 040410 and here's a short video I took: After we parked back home, I went off to see if I could help it into the long grass, but it had disappeared...whether it had successfully glided off, or had become lunch for a bird, I don't know. The snake was very alert, in a state of alarm, and definitely not gliding along; I suspect it might have been dropped by a bird, though it did not look injured.

I’ve been googling for snakes of Missouri, but I can’t seem to get a perfect match for these markings. Now I’m sorry I didn’t pick up the brochure on the snakes that I saw yesterday in the Visitors’ Center at Forest Park! :) I’ve asked the experts, let’s see what they say.

Update:Danny Brown says it’s a


Thanks Danny!