A concert coming up...

March 21, 2010

I’ve been asked to give a concert for 1.5 hours next Saturday, at Memphis, Tennessee, at the temple as . I’m thrilled, and have accepted; and have sent my photograph, and a short writeup to them, too.

But now I’m really worried. I haven’t sung for SO long…when am I supposed to practice? It will have to be only tomorrow…and on weekdays, after I give KTB back to her parents…but by that time, I’m usually tired out, and ready to eat and go to sleep….

Maybe I should just cancel…? No, that’s NOT a good thing to do…oh well, let me see how much I can practice…but singing full-throatedly in a house where the baby is asleep, and concentrating on the music, is as impossible as practising in a house where the baby is awake and crawling all over the house!

Oh, by the way…my newest name for Biddly is…the Crawliflower!