I looked as I walked....

March 16, 2010

And as I looked, I found some of the signs of Spring..most notably, on a crack of the pavement (sorry, sidewalk!), I found this dandelion blooming:

dandelion 150310

This beautiful statue of Terra Madonna is near the Washington U Danforth Campus: terra madonna 150310 I took a close-up shot of the moss under the trees, and the little flowers are SO beautiful! moss fp 150310 For , I took this number plate: dsign 3 no plate 150310 (yes, I've seen no.s 1 and 2, too!) One of the other things in the sky, apart from the birds, was this lovely little single-propeller plane: single prop plane 150310 </lj-cut> And as I walked home I saw a spider, well, that's actually a Spiderman...here he is, quite literally hanging out, from one of the apartments at Delmar! 150310 spidey on delmar A walk is such fun, and one sees such random stuff :)