Young Couple...Walking along the Path of Dreams

March 9, 2010

DnA Creve Coeur Lake 080310

They walk together, the young couple.. With their baby…their love. They’ve taken a little time in their busy lives For togetherness, to be with nature. They walk along, towards their future; Filled with dreams, and hopes…and perhaps some anxieties. Responsible, mature young adults, With their way to make in the world. I love all of them, and so I lag behind; I do not want to intrude in these moments; Much as they make me welcome, This is their world…and not totally mine. But…any one of them has only to crook a finger… And I’ll come running, halfway across the world. Love is a strange presence in one’s heart; It takes one out of oneself, And makes one live, quite happily, for others, sometimes.