The Passport Photo

February 28, 2010

Now that KTB (Kavya-The-Biddles)’s other documents (er, birth certificate, and what else I don’t know) have arrived, we decided to get her passport photo as step 1 of applying for her passport. (Step 2 involves both parents and child going personally to the Post Office and submitting completed forms.)

Madam posed and smiled like a pro, so I got some shots, too.

Here's Debbie at Walgreens, clicking KTB against a white screen: taking B's passpt photo 270210 and here she is, showing the parents her photos, so that they could choose the two they like best: debbie showing the pics and here are the photos getting edited, post-processed, and printed: 270210 printing the pics One pose: 270210 psspt photo 1

Tarantaraaa….how many supermodels do you know who look so beautiful without any teeth?

walgreens passpt photo 270210