Forest Park, and the Zoo

February 25, 2010

Last Saturday afternoon, DnA decided to take Biddles for her first visit to the Zoo….

200210 zoo dnak

Here's Madam looking around regally at the sights, in her mother's baby sling: A and K 200210 We saw the Malyan Sun Bear: malyan sun bear 200210 zoo the Prairie Dog (which reminds me, did the designated one see its shadow or not? We are still having a cold front...) prairie dog 200210 The Sea Lions were posing magnificiently: sea lions zoo 200210 So did the Black-necked Swans: black-necked swans soo 200210 the male Takin was majestic: takin male 200210 here's my post about the mother and baby Takin A Bactrian Camel turned up its nose snottily at us: bactrian camel 200210 And in the water, a turtle was making a diamond of its refelection: turtle zoo 200210 The leopard was disinterested... leopard 200210 and the Lioness yawned so wide that the lion could see her lunch! lioness tonsils 200210 I loved the slogan for the Zoo campaign to adopt a big cat (we have a similar campaign at the Bannerghatta Zoo, too.) your pouncing baby boy 200210 I decided to walk back while the others drove home, and looked at the wild birds around the semi-frozen Des Peres creek. I loved the water drops glistening on the back of this Canada Goose: canada goose 200210 How appropriate that a brand of raincoats in my youth was called "Duckback"! :) A Mallard couple swam past happily: mallard duck and drake 200210 There were a lot of Gulls on the water, here's one hoping for fish: gull on ice 200210 And a Raven was eating what was left of a gull's catch: crow eating fish 200210 This bridge over the creek, near one of the golf courses, looked lovely: bridge near golf course fp 200210 A Wood Duck looked quite artificial....until it flew off! Photobucket In the trees, this Red-headed Woodpecker was pecking itself either a nest, or a meal: red-headed woodpecker 200210 fp

I wandered back home, catching the weak winter sun and thinking of <LJ user=”asakiyume” on the way:

fp sun scene 200210

I’m lucky that DnA’s home is just about 3 km from the Zoo…the Zoo occupies the north-eastern corner of Forest Park.