dil hoom hoom karE....

February 24, 2010

Another of my favourites based on rAg bhoop (mohanam) is by Bhupen Hazarika from the movie “rudAli”…in which the erstwhile teen idol Dimple Kapadia (who was responsible for the wet dreams of a generation of young men who are more than middle-aged now) gave a very sensitive performance indeed….

The sad version of the song is sung by Bhupenda himself:


the wiki about this movie

The existence of professional mourners is a reality in India even today….when we have a death in the family, it’s always impossible for me to discern if the servants associated with our household are genuinely wailing with grief, or are doing this as a social necessity (public display of grief, wailing and beating the forehead and chest, and sometimes rolling on the floor, is deemed necessary in many communities…otherwise the feeling is that there is not enough grief displayed for the departed person.)

When I die…I want people around me to laugh….to repeat my Orrible Puns and DJ’s and miss me…not cry! Actually…not even that…because I believe I will be gone, and what people and do won’t make any difference to me, unless I can be a spectator somehow!

Thank you, , for suddenly turning my thoughts to music again.