When its winter...

February 19, 2010

When it’s winter, even waterfalls freeze:

creve coeur in winter 100210

click here to see how it looked in summer When one has a dry, warm home with plenty of food, the snow is very enjoyable...especially when seen from inside a heated car! snow field 100210 A suddenly pointed out that the snowflakes had a lot of definition...so I rushed to try and get photographs of them. The challenge was to focus and shoot before they melted! On my denim jeans: snowflake on denim 100210 On the car window: snowflake closeup 100210

And this is the best I could get without exposing the Biddles to a snow flurry:

snowflake on glass 100210

Next winter, I hope to make snowmen for my little Biddly…

Must get some better snowflake images from the internet!