Sun,Rain,Snow...and just Water, sometimes

February 10, 2010

I am amazed at how the quality of the light changes….when the rain threatens, it’s dark and everything gets tinged with grey, as when we were leaving for our safari on the first day of the NTP meet:

off to the forest 120110

that was at 4pm!

When the rain comes down, of course, the light itself takes on a watery's the Crested Serpent Eagle, taken through a practically solid curtain of water! cse in rain 120110 Then the rain lets up, and the sunbeams try to pierce through the shower, and the light takes on a golden hue: raindrops safari 120110 The sun does break through again.... sun breaking through 120110 When snow is already on the ground with more coming in, the quality of light is much more's a time when the sky and the road are the same colour.... 080210 snow on enright The sunlight appears weak... sun through clouds shelter 080210 The light shows up white D shovels the snow off the path: derek shovelling snow 090210

Then, the sun breaks through the snow clouds, too….

sun through snowclouds 080210

The quality of the light then is prismatic…showing up all the colours of the rainbow…

The sun, rain and snow…they beguile me…and my camera…and sometimes, it’s light through water, of a different kind. This is what I saw when the sun shone through the Hippo’s pond (it has a fibreglass side, for visitors to view the hippos and the fish underwater):