Some of the birds on the NTP 2010 Meet at K.Gudi, B R Hills

February 8, 2010

I think we were all totally agreed that the NTP meet at the

K.Gudi resort


Jungle Lodges and Resorts

was really excellent in terms of bird sighting.In fact, we just did not have to go beyond the Gol Ghar to see a variety of birds!

However, our safaris yielded a good number of birds too….

Most striking was this fantastic owl, that I have never see before, just look at the mesmerizing eyes of the


spot-bellied eagle owl kgudi 130110

I've not often seen the BLUE-TAILED BEE-EATER but here it is, with a RED-RUMPED SWALLOW swooping up to say hello to it! 120110 blue-tailed bee-eater and swallow here it is, by itself on the wire: blue-tailed bee-eater 120110 brh On the drive back home, we saw the beautiful BLACK IBIS black ibis in flight 140110 the birds landed on this un id fruit tree.... black ibis 140110 And several WHITE STORKS sailed past and landed in a field rather too far for me to go to! white stork landing 140110 Though it's rather out-of-focus, I did get this passing shot of the COMMON HAWK-CUCKOO common hawk-cuckoo 120110 and this graceful PURPLE HERON grey heron 140110 We saw this RED-WATTLED LAPWING with some kind of insect in its mouth, we're not sure what: red-wattled lapwing with insect 140110 There were PLUM-HEADED PARAKEETS as plentiful as the usual Rose-Ringed ones: plum-headedparakeet female 130110 (these...can you see two in the pic?....are females, and not Slaty-Headed Parakeets!) I loved the tiny beauty of this BLUE-CAPPED ROCK THRUSH in that huge mass of tree-trunks! Equally tiny is this LOTEN'S SUNBIRD loten's sunbird 130110 kgudi blue-capped rock thrursh 140110 The more drab colours of the ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHER were still attractive: asian brown flycatcher 140110 So, too, the stunning beauty of the SCARLET MINIVETS scarlet minivet male 130110 Another owl that we saw (a guaranteed sighting on the BR Hills safari, usually!) was this BROWN FISH OWL brown fish owl 130110 brhills This time it was doing a great job of looking like a dead branch on the tree! Let's not forget the large number of CRESTED SERPENT EAGLES we saw each day.... At several places, these CRESTED TREE SWIFTS settled on the topmost branches, what beauties they are! crested tree swift But for the most part, all we had to do was wander around near the Gol Ghar, and just look at some of the birds within 30 feet of the place! There were several RACKET-TAILED DRONGOS whisking themselves and their "musical note" tails around! racket-tailed drongo 130110 The extremely beautiful and whimsically named ASIAN FAIRY BLUEBIRD gave us a few moments of pleasure! asian fairy bluebird 130110 On the tree-trunks, the CHESTNUT-BELLIED NUTHATCH hopped along, seeking insects, and making it extremely difficult to photograph! chestnut-bellied nuthatch 120110 I got this LESSER YELLOW-NAPED WOODPECKER rat-tatting away: lesser yellow-naped woodpecker 140110 Here's a video of it, making a new home in a tree quite close to the parking area...completely unconcerned about humans! I also got the GREATER FLAMEBACK WOODPECKER pretty close by: greater flameback woodpecker 140110 The picture this GREAT TIT made, with the spiral of branch and twig going in to meet the bird, was very pretty! the spiral of wood and tit 130110 Another lifer for me on the SILK-COTTON tree, was this SPANGLED DRONGO that came to feed on the flowers' nectar: spangled drongo 140110 brhills The RUFOUS TREEPIE of course, came and went: 140110 rufous treepie I couldn't take a good shot of this WHITE-BELLIED DRONGO but thou shalt not sneer at documentation shots! white-bellied drongo 140110 This PURPLE-RUMPED SUNBIRD was in eclipse plumage (that is, fresh plumage growing out): 140110 purple-rumped sunbird eclipse plumage brhills the GOLDEN-FRONTED LEAFBIRD was another beauty that was right overhead(this one's the female, doing all the hard work, as usual!) golden-fronted leafbird 140110 kgudi Of course, the K.Gudi camp decided to say bye to the NTP meet in its own inimitable we were gathering for the group photo, this spectacular ASIAN PARADISE FLYCATCHER decided to flash and quiver its long-tailed self all over the mango tree, and had us exclaiming in delight! paradise flycatcher white male 140110 here it is, in flight: apf in flight 140110

Nothing like a Paradise Flycatcher’s eye appeal to finish off the birdwatching at K.Gudi!

apf side pose 140110