Some Mammals...and Others.... on the NTP2010 Meet, K.Gudi camp, BR Hills

February 8, 2010

Well, this post is NOT going to be about that mythical animal, the SIT (South Indian Tiger)….but as far as the other mammals went, the NTP meet had nothing to complain of….

Firstly, the


wild boar 130110</a>

I don’t know why they are called “wild” around the K.Gudi camp…there’s an excellent symbiotic relationship between the two, and they are not afraid of humans at all!

The ELEPHANTS are certainly not as common as they used to be, but are still easy enough to sight: Here are two, mother and child, with the red mud on them: elephant and calf 130110 kgudi Here are a few moving past: The GAUR or Wild Bison are also beautiful, majestic animals, looking neatly shod with white socks! 130110 gaur brhills Here's one giant, crossing the safari path: the magnificient antler of this CHITAL stag had me photographing him in the rain: antlers in rain 120110 We were also lucky to be able to sight a FAN-THROATED LIZARD or Draco: draco 140110 Right next to the parking lot was this spiral of the SIGNATURE SPIDER : spiral signature spiderweb kgudi 120110 and the LANGUR were, as usual, athletic, and leaping from tree to tree: leaping langur 140110 The rain on the first day was's a video of the deer with the proud antlers, just to give an idea of how hard it was: </lj-cut> The MALABAR GIANT SQUIRRELS were also sighted several times: malabar giant squirrel 130110 kgudi Next post on K Gudi will be about some different mammals....