Biddling...the verb (present continuous)

January 29, 2010

As GD’s nickname started out with “Biddly”..then became “Biddles” and even worse, “The Biddles”…DnA have assigned a verb to a form of locomotion unique to her…they call it “biddling”!

It consists of a vigorous spring-like action, with the obvious intention of moving forward…but till recently, it was totally unsuccessful. Now, it’s a combination of biddling and swawling (in between swimming and crawling!) that gets her across to where she wants to go..

Now, it’s also accompanied by one sure way of quick locomotion…the lifting up of two chubby arms, in a clear message: “Pick me up!” Sometimes, as in the video above, the note of complaint is rather strong….

I am quite dazzled by The Biddles…or should I say I am quite Biddlezzed?! Verbs are being coined fast in Sloo (St.Louis) these days!